Should The Holocaust Have Happened?

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I recently made a video illustration featuring ex-pyschologist Daniel Mackler on the subject of why we fear growth. One of the comments I received from a subscriber reads as follows:


Daniel Mackler is Jewish…the Jews always seek to mislead the Goyim. What Daniel Mackler is preaching for is the abandonment of traditional values, especially white Christian values, and the stability they bring. He’s preaching FOR the left, not against them…


This comment angered me, not because it’s anti-Semitic—whatever that means—but because it’s anti-philosophical. Intentions are irrelevant to the truth value of a statement. You can blame the devil for tempting you with sin, but that won’t solve the problem of you having sinned. There will always be more devils and more temptation. It’s important to know that Jews have a habit of leading people away from traditional values. And in fact, Daniel has talked about how he thinks people shouldn’t have kids. Instead of inflicting trauma onto another generation, he says, a person should focus on his or her inner growth. On this I vehemently disagree with him.


And that’s okay. You see, I have the self-trust to only go with him so far in his argument. So what interests me is not why Jews want to mislead people but why people are so easily misled. These are the choices. The former might tempt some to say things like “All Jews are evil. Gas the Skypes. The Holocaust didn’t happen, but it should have.” I’ve been watching the alt-right for a number of months now. I understand where this anger, this hatred is coming from. Moreover, I think those emotions are entirely valid. The conclusions, however, I disagree with.


This is how the Jews mislead us. They give us bits of truth with the hope we will believe the next thing that comes out of their mouth. X=X, therefore Z. How then do we stop people from being misled? Simple. We teach them how to think. Unfortunately this kind of education is sorely missing in today’s classrooms, where memorization and teaching to the test is mandated above critical thinking skills.


This is also why people oppose any argument that has a vaguely non-PC bent. If you talk about something like white genocide, as I have illustrated in another video featuring the words of Vox Day, people believe they will have to support whatever horrible conclusions might follow if they accept the initial argument as valid, like murdering Jews if Jews are found to have a tendency to misled the goyim.


Did the holocaust happen? I don’t think we have enough evidence to credibly say with certainty. Should it have happened? See, you want me to give you a conclusion. But let’s say it were to happen today and all Jews were killed by a brutal white dictatorship. (My name just went on a hundred different watch lists just for typing that sentence…) If that were to happen, would it make our people any better, would we have improved ourselves, our souls in any way? No, we would still be vulnerable to manipulation from some other group in or outside of our ranks.


The only way to improve ourselves is philosophy. It involves setting boundaries, even physical walls, between ourselves and those we know to be duplicitous and deceitful. It involves protecting our young from indoctrination by separating education from the state. It involves looking inward at our susceptibility to those who tempt us with small agreements that further our immediate agenda. Like a drug pedaler they get us hooked on agreement.


To those tempters and temptresses we must learn to say “I can go with you no further.” From X=X does not follow Z. Mind you, I believe there does need to be retribution for those in the media, academics, and political class who attempted and are attempting to genocide the white race. Economic ostracism is a powerful tool and a good suggestion to this end. I can’t give you the perfect answer but I will say this: The holocaust might have been a hoax, but that doesn’t mean we should wish it wasn’t.


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