Anarchism: How Do We Get There?

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If your approach to bringing about an anarcho-capitalist or voluntary society is to try to talk with people about free markets and liberty then you’re probably going to fail. Sorry, but statistically it’s true. Libertarians have been trying to sell people on liberty by means of good arguments and by uncovering logical fallacies for decades without much luck. What I’ve learned from this is that we shouldn’t ask “how do I deliver the idea of liberty to people?”—but rather “how do I deliver people who are ready for the ideas of liberty?”


At some point every anarchist—and I mean the anarcho-capitalist variety because that one doesn’t contradict itself—has felt frustrated when someone objects to our apolitical radical view because anarchy can’t deal with “X”. When you provide a counter rebuttal to “X” they inevitably shift the goalpost or double down. In other words, they become more resolute in their disagreement. This is in fact a confession that they are not ready to accept the reasoning put before them. Thus no amount of further reasoning will convince them. This is not to say we should not put good arguments out there. You never know who will land upon a video at exactly the time in which their mind is searching for new truths, and who will be so inclined.


One thing I would like to hear more people in the ancap community discuss is the kind of society we have to have before a critical mass will be ready to accept the principles of anarchism. Does it have to be a high-IQ society? What about high-trust? Must the people in a “ripe” society not have experienced significant physical or emotional abuse as children? And finally, will racial homogeneity help achieve any of the above criteria?


As cucky Western leaders have allowed their countries to become more and more multicultural, the goal of anarchic social order (a beast much different than anarchic chaos), seems to be drifting farther and farther away. Many refugees simply lack the intelligence to appreciate that voting for socialism will only turn the West into the hellish government-burdened wastelands they fled from.


The skeptics and pessimists say anarchism will never ever ever happen. And in the world of Idiocracy, they’re right. If we continue to subsidize the breeding of dumb genes while taxing the breeding of smart genes, the result is very clear. When Donald Trump says We’re going to win again, he’s talking about smart people—those with the capacity if not currently the inclination for freedom.


The skeptics have tried to point out this important missing piece of the puzzle, albeit inadvertently. How many times have you heard Somalia mentioned as the standard-bearer for anarchism? But what kind of people live in Somalia? What’s the average IQ in Somalia? What is the culture like in Somalia? How do they treat children in Somalia? Those are important questions. People are not interchangeable. If you give a white European society which has been raised peacefully–without aggression or negligence–the right arguments, the right technology, and the right opportunity for anarchism, I guarantee you there will be no going back.


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